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Short story

When I got my first router I hated the interface it came with. Not just the functionality, the looks blah! I started searching alternative immediately! When I stumbled upon Tomato, I said to my self this is it! I flashed my WNR3500L with Tomato Shibby and voila! My router UI was amazing, the functions, the looks: "neat!". But than 3-4 years passed and design world moved to new trend, Flat UI and Material Design. But Tomato did not. So I started looking at alternative how to make it better and contribute to the project.

This project has been started in beginning of 2014. I started it because one and only Alexx based Tomato interface on Bootstrap framework. When I saw his work, I learned there is a possibility to modify original Tomato interface and finally make my contribution to open source community. And this is how the project AdvancedTomato began.

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When I started the project, I did not expect to get paid for this work, it was a contribution to community for free! After few months the updates & improvements started to take more and more time, at the end I was already spending my full time to develop the UI and fix issues. Even thought it felt great to do so, my bills started getting unpaid. But of course that's none of your concern, my point is that even though this is a free project I had to dedicate all my time to it.

In late 2015, I received a router R7000 as donation and it felt even more awesome than the feeling when I released first AdvancedTomato. Not just that I got something in return, I felt appreciated. My time and effort finally got whole new sense. This is when I started accepting donations. Don't get me wrong, its not about the money! Its about showing appreciation for some one who dedicated so much time to make your router's GUI look good. I would like to thank every one who already donated so far, thank you!

Please if you do decide to donate, don't take it as "payment/investment" but as one of the following:

  • Buy me a coffee or two so I can stay focused while designing and developing
  • Let me save up for a router which I can test and develop on
  • Help me pay the hardware and energy required to compile Tomato
  • Help me cover the cost of web server to host the firmware & other files
  • Send some money to show appreciation as you do to other artists (music, video, etc...)