Frequently asked questions
Last modified: 10th August 2017 at 00:13

Bellow this description you will find most common questions asked. Each question's permalink can be copied by right click "Copy URL". Please note that I'm only human. I can't satisfy all wishes and requests.

Differences between AdvancedTomato and Tomato by Shibby?
Do you support or plan to add support for my router?
How do I flash AdvancedTomato on my router?
How recent are AdvancedTomato updates?
How to set custom HTTPS Certificate?
Required packages to build AdvancedTomato
Shibby supports R8000 router, when will you support it?
Should I clear NVRAM when switching from Shibby 124 to AdvancedTomato 124?
What happened to ATTD (AdvancedTomato Themes Directory)?
What happened to AdvancedTomato RT builds?
Where do I find source code?

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