Frequently asked questions
Last modified: 23rd March 2024 at 09:29

Bellow this description you will find most common questions asked. Each question's permalink can be copied by right click "Copy URL". Please note that I'm only human. I can't satisfy all wishes and requests.

Differences between AdvancedTomato and Tomato by Shibby?
Do you support or plan to add support for my router?
How do I flash AdvancedTomato on my router?
How recent are AdvancedTomato updates?
How to set custom HTTPS Certificate?
Required packages to build AdvancedTomato
Should I clear NVRAM when switching from Shibby 124 to AdvancedTomato 124?
What happened to ATTD (AdvancedTomato Themes Directory)?
What happened to AdvancedTomato RT builds?
Where do I find source code?

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