If you brick (i.e. ruin) your router by following this page, I will not be held responsible. Although much effort has been made to ensure the correctness of the information presented here, it is possible there are still incorrect or outdated information.

Why install Tomato firmware?

  • You need a feature that is supported by one of the variants of Tomato but not the stock firmware
  • You are doing P2P and router is crashing / rebooting
  • You have an issue and you suspect bug in router's original firmware
  • You don't like or distrust Tenda Firmware

Let's get started!

  1. Update router to the manufacturer's latest firmware version from Tenda web site
  2. Navigate to and log in with admin/admin or your private password.
  3. Select Advanced in upper right corner.
  4. Select TOOLS tab.
  5. Select Backup/Restore. This will save your current configuration to HDD or chosen location path.
  6. Select Default Settings. Router will return to default settings and reboot.
  7. Login admin/admin.
  8. Select Advanced in upper right corner.
  9. Select Tools tab.
  10. Select Upgrade, browse for Firmware and click on "Upgrade".

After router reboots, you should will be able to access to the interface using or
Note: I highly recommend you change default admin access password to a secure 8-16 characters password.

Guide was written by ITRookie and modified by Jacky.